Artificial Intelligence: The last creation of mankind?

Just think of it: Artificial Intelligence can be the last thing we ever need to do!

July 17, 2020 |  Categories:  AI  

By Noah Jefferson, Developer

Artificial Intelligence is already taking over the world. We already have chatbots, such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant. We already have autonomous or, self-driving cars, which have been reported to decrease road accidents by a considerable amount. We have recommendation systems, like on YouTube, which recommend videos for us, so that we don't waste our time searching for a video. We already have robots in Amazon, which transport boxes from one side of the building to the other, and in Tesla, where robots play a major role to carry parts, assemble them, and test them, even though all the tasks in Tesla, such as wiring a particularly difficult part, are not done by robots, but by humans because, at those parts, humans can do the job better than robots. But that is just for the present. In the future, robots may be better than humans at those parts too. AI will take over people's jobs. There are already many "Robot Restaurants", where the waiters and the chef are robots.

Artificial Intelligence might be good at repetitive tasks, but creativity is not a task. Bots do not have the ability to think creatively like humans. 

But somehow, if some scientist manages to bring creativity to bots, then, that might as well be the last creation of mankind. Top Highlight


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Kinda scary