How to be as productive as Elon Musk

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July 19, 2020 |  Categories:  Productivity  

By Mary Parker, Car Designer

Working for about 100 hours a week, owning about 10 companies, ranked 25th on the Forbes list of Most Powerful People, spending almost every day of the week in the office, Elon Musk is an extremely hardworking individual. So how does he manage to be so productive? 


           This is one of the most important on the list. Without sleep, not only will you feel grumpy during the day, but you will also find yourself daydreaming you'll also lose focus faster and seriously slows down your brain power, and make you the least productive person around. Having at least 7-8 hours of sleep will seriously boost your productivity and also allow you to think freely, making you more efficient and productive at your work.


            Timeboxing is the process of doing small tasks for a short amount of time, like about 5 minutes. Set a reminder for every 5 or      10 minutes, each slot completing a small task. This greatly increases your efficiency because you will be more organized.


           Ignore emails or chat messages unless they are work-related or an absolute emergency. This will save your time greatly, in which you can be doing some useful work instead of chatting pointlessly.


            Organize your files and folders, whether physical or digital, into one place and sort them by category. This way, you won't have to search for your things every time.

         Have a clean surrounding.

            Working in a clean environment can work wonders. It motivates you to work smarter, and you will not need to take a break every ten minutes.

         Take a break.

             Take a break every hour or so for about 10 minutes. This way, your brain doesn't get too cluttered to think, and work doesn't make you feel suffocated. 

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On July 19, 2020, 5:19 a.m.  Noah Miller wrote:

I tried this out for a month, and I got a promotion and a salary hike! it works!