Get fancy with Python.

People should think you're the best Python programmer after reading this blog!

Aug. 2, 2020 |  Categories:  Programming  

By Noah Jefferson, Developer

Get fancy with Python. There are a lot of shortcuts out there, I bet you didn't know!


Use Tab for indenting


Use Shift+Tab to unindent 


To comment out a bunch of code, or uncomment a bunch of code, use Ctrl+/ for Windows and Command+/ for MacOS.

 To enclose some text inside quotes, select the text and then, press Shift+' or Shift+".

 List comprehensions

The best part about Python is that you can do so much in so less of code. If you want to create a list of numbers in a certain range, you can do it extremely easily with this one line of code.

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You can add conditions to it easily too.

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Look at the below example. You can either do it like this with 6 lines of code,

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or, do it all together, using only 2 lines.

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Lambda Functions

Using lambdas, you can define a function right inside a variable! The syntax is like this:

multiply = lambda x, y: x*y


# Multiplies 2 and 3



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